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5 Common Mistakes Made With PPC

5 Common Mistakes Made With PPC image PPC

Pay Per Click advertising can be a very effective advertising tool for helping to find new customers. However, without proper targeting and setup steps taken, they can also be a very expensive lesson . One piece that I’ve noticed is that online marketers, no matter how seasoned, make similar mistakes when running their campaigns. Here are some common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid:

1. Do Not Filter Countries

Quite often, countries that produce the most clicks are not the countries that produce the most sales. Keep in mind that “clickfraud” tends to be very high in some countries, and filtering these countries will help keep costs down for the more effective clicks. Another alternative is to setup a separate campaign with a lower cost-per-click value for those countries with a lower ROI history.

2. Not Monitoring Ad Status

Tracking is critical for determining what keywords are resulting in actual sales. What you track is just as important as the tracking itself. The overall number of click-throughs is indeed interesting, but it does not help determine which keywords and phrases are actually earning the most money.

3. Not Testing Different Ads

Testing is critical in determining the performance of an ad campaign. Rotate ads to show them evenly, and then determine which advertisements are the most effective in reaching potential customers that ultimately end up actually purchasing.

4. Not Using Specific Keyword Phrases

Be sure not to use keywords that are too generic. They may generate a lot of traffic, but generic terms are seldom targeted enough to result in actual sales. Focus on your core keywords and phrases that will bring in the most effective traffic.

5. Not Understanding Matching Options

When you set up your PPC campaign, you’ll be asked to choose keyword match types. These basically tell a search engine how aggressive or restrictive you want it to be when matching advertisements to keyword searches. Be sure that you completely understand all the matching options and set them correctly, so that you can target and filter out traffic that is unrelated to your website or product. Not understanding the matching options will often result in costly traffic that has no real interest in actually purchasing your products.

6. Not Using Negative Keywords

Use negative keywords and “long-tail” search phrases to capture very targeted traffic. By using negative keywords you can filter out traffic that has no real interest in purchasing. This is also particularly helpful in minimizing confusion when dealing with keyword terms that have multiple meanings Long-tail phrases may not bring in a high volume of traffic, but because they use such specific search terms, the quality of the lead will be greater.

Managing a Pay Per Click ad campaign can be overwhelming if it is not done correctly. Any online business who takes on this challenge should be sure to avoid these mistakes. However, if you are struggling with your PPC campaign, and do not have the time, energy or inclination there are professionals who can help you.

What has your experience been with PPC campaigns? Do you have any other mistakes that marketers should avoid? Let us know in the comments section below!

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5 Common Mistakes Made With PPC

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