Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Perfect Headlines and Why They Work

blog2The headline is the first and sometimes only impression that you make upon a reader. If your headline isn’t catchy enough to hold a reader’s interest then they will move on and read something else. You have one shot to get it right and keep people reading.

1. 5 Things You MUST Know About (Insert Topic)

If you have ever browsed through the internet, then chances are that you have seen lots of headlines just like this. This type of headline works for several reasons. It appeals to the reader’s sense of urgency; it informs them right away of the number of things they will read about, so they know they are not going to get sucked into an overly long article; and it is very clear about what the article will be about. A reader has all of the information that they need right in the title and they know that they must read on.

2. 10 Unexpected Ways to Rock at (Insert Topic)

This title instantly engages the reader’s curiosity and entices them to read more. Not only that, it informs them that they will learn ten ways to become better at something. Often these types of articles feature tidbits of wisdom that many people are interested in learning. The curiosity factor is what makes this title work so well.

3. What the Experts Won’t Tell You About (Insert Topic)

Everyone has a little suspicion that “the experts” are holding out on us. A title like this grabs hold of that suspicion to reel in readers. This is especially true because the title states that the experts know about the topic, but will not share. Someone who reads this article will instantly be on par with the experts. For this reason, a title like this one is great for enticing readers to continue reading.

4. The Truth About (Insert Topic)

People automatically turn to articles and media to tell them the truth. They want to learn more. This title tells readers that they will learn something that many other people may not know or that has been misrepresented in the past. The curiosity factor is at play here, as is the desire for knowledge.

5. How to Be the Best At (Insert Topic)

Everyone wants to excel, and an article telling the reader exactly how to be the best at something is going to generate a lot of interest. This title helps to entice readers to continue reading because it guarantees a series of steps or conditions that can be used to make the reader the best at something.

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5 Perfect Headlines and Why They Work

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