Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facebook platform industry hires: Offerpop


Offerpop, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in apps, announced today a round of talented new hires. The newest members of Offerpop come from companies such as Brown University, UBS Financial Services and Cassidy Turley.

Here’s the full list:

  • Matthew Davie, Senior Product Manager, from Penton

  • Aaron Graham, Design Manager, from Spring Creek/Mediabrands

  • Evan Miller, Corporate Sales Executive, from Cassidy Turley

  • Kevin Kleinman, Corporate Sales Executive, from Madison Logic

  • Fred Hwang, Account Executive, from Splice

  • Katie Barnwell, Business Analyst, Brown University

  • Jenny Zhang, UI/UX Designer, from Sailthru

  • Peter Chan, Senior Product Manager, from Billtrust

  • Adam Lamartine, Senior Marketing Designer, from LivePerson, Inc.

  • Winson Yuan, Junior Front End Developer, from General Assembly

  • Derek Cheng, Finance Operations Specialist, from UBS Financial Services

Companies who want their new hires included in the post must contact us directly at justin.lafferty (at) insidenetwork.com. Must be a Facebook PMD or Facebook Strategic PMD to be included.

Image courtesy of Offerpop’s Facebook page.

Source: Inside Facebook

Facebook platform industry hires: Offerpop

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