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How to Engage With Your Audience? Part 1


Traffic alone can’t do you anything.

A lot of bloggers get hundreds of thousands of visitors and then they may earn a 1000$ or something like this.

Other bloggers just have a thousand subscribers and they could make five figures and sometimes six figures.

The secret weapon that the second type of bloggers use is ENGAGEMENT.

They treat their visitors well. They make them know like and trust them.

They give them what they want. Period.

They make money. Their customers thank them for helping them.

It’s a win-win situation.

To discover more about this secret weapon. Check out the previous post.

Now, let’s dive into how to increase the engagement of your audience.

First Impressions matter:

According to a study by Google, it takes between 1/50th and 1/20th of a second for a user to judge whether a web page is “beautiful” or not.

Can you think of the 1/50th second? It just means taking a look, closing the site. This may even take more than that.

But it seems real.

Judge it on yourself. Sometimes, you click on a link and go to a website, you don’t know, and then you close it directly.

Even you did it.

Everyone do it.

But should your blog look the most fashionable blog?

No, I don’t mean it this way. But it must be, somehow good.

What I really mean, is that you need to captivate your audience.

Try to get them spend a second more to convince them that your blog is better.

Make them to read a post and make them spend another few seconds.

Provide them with amazing post and make them spend few more minutes reading it.

After they read your post, ask them to spend just few more seconds to share their opinion.

After that ask them to subscribe. Send them an email.

Give them a report and make them check it. So you spend even more time.

After few days, ask them for their opinion.

After that ask them for their problems and so on.

Do you see the pattern?

It just starts with small actions and then rewarding them for doing so, then asking for another action and reward them for doing so and so on.

But it all starts with your design

That’s why Derek said that Design is the king not content. Content is just the queen.

But why?

According to Derek:

Your design can TRIGGER immediate DISTRUST.

So what to do?

According to Derek here are the 10 “Red Flags” of web design:

  1. Clever site names (clever is confusing)

  2. Cluttered, busy layouts (Less options, higher conversions)

  3. Navigation Problems (See the header removal test)

  4. Boring web design (Yes, this one is aesthetic)

  5. Pop-up ads (Don’t mistake subscription boxes for ads)

  6. Slow load times (People are impatient online)

  7. Small fonts (Size 14 is the new size 12, after all)

  8. Too much text (Take this with a grain of salt. Big blocks of text is probably what they meant)

  9. Corporate Look and Feel (Another aesthetic comment. Corporations have it tough, eh?)

  10. Poor search functions. (Again, if people can’t find your content, your site failed)

Over to you!

Design is the first step to start the conversation with your new visitors.

If you want to continue through this series and get the most benefits. Take action and do your homework.

Your homework for today is to take a look at your design and check the above red flags. Take action and try to remove them from your site.

After that take the next step and comment on the post with your tip for engaging design

And then subscribe and wait for our next posts. You’re going to enjoy them.

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How to Engage With Your Audience? Part 1

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