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I Hate Blog Writing: 4 Resources for the Weak

haters of blog writing

What can I say? Some people just hate blog writing. Even though I absolutely love it, for some of you, the thought of chatting with an anonymous audience for 500 words is excruciating.

Apparently, you are not alone, either. Other companies decided that they would give you the ideas you need to write engaging content that works. Let’s look at a few blog writing suggestions for those who hate blogging:

Get Storied

My old boss met the owner of this company in an airport. That alone is an interesting story. How often do you get stuck on a plane with a V.P. of a huge banking corporation when you own a company like this one? And you say you don’t believe in luck!

Specifically, Get Storied is different since they want to focus on engaging in a different way than most other content providers. Instead of selling you blog ideas, they help you put together a story from which to build your brand.

If you aren’t sure Get Storied is right for you, consider a few others like Story Tell It. Almost all of the content generation platforms will require a fee so do a little research to pick the best one for your blog writing needs.

Elance, Odesk, Guru

On Elance, Odesk or Guru, you post your project in a sea of projects for writers to bid on. You can choose the bid or writer that most appeals to you. You also set the budget to ensure you don’t get million dollar quotes.

If you have a blogging campaign set and ready to go, you might consider posting a project asking writers to bid on a set of 10 blogs. Once you receive the blogs, you’ll load them into the platform yourself for publication later.


On a very limited budget, there exists a blogging phenomenon known as content mills. With Zerys, this is a built-in market place of thousands of writers. And the content is crazy cheap (but you get what you pay for.)

For mass quantity projects where money is the number one concern, you can pay as little as .2 cents (yes, decimal point 2) per word. If no writers bid, the project moves periodically up in cost until someone grabs it from the pool and writes it for you.

Ghost Bloggers

In my last blog, I touched on how to hire a ghost blogger. Having one person who knows you, knows your brand, and knows your voice is often more beneficial to establishing a blog tribe than just throwing content up on your site.

If your blog aims to gain a following of engaged users, hire a ghost blogger. (If you just need to throw up SEO generating content, the previous options are fine.) I’ve got one more super-secret tip for you: Ghost bloggers are often more affordable than you think.

By cutting out the middleman (an agency) and paying the writer directly you can save on brokerage costs. Since most writers are contractors anyway, there isn’t more risk to you than the typical contract.

Look for blog writing on Social Media, ask your colleagues who they like to work with, or start asking around on Facebook. Review a couple portfolios and pick someone who’s personality appeals to you … and then make them do all the other marketing you hate doing too!

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I Hate Blog Writing: 4 Resources for the Weak

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