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Lead Generation Tips – Getting Past the New Guy

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Say your current lead generation campaign is aimed at current customers but for a new software product. This sort of tactic takes advantage of the fact that those customers know you well enough. You may have even been working together for years and it builds upon the value of your following.

When you make the call though, the gatekeeper suddenly doesn’t recognize you. You don’t recognize the person either. Did they change staff? You give them their boss’ name, they don’t budge. They start bringing up old security policies that state why they can’t transfer your call.

This is usually the case when your gatekeeper is a new guy. They don’t know you as a regular face. It’s their first day on the job and they want to make a good impression. You can’t exactly fault them (even though you might want to). What you can do is send word to their boss.

  • Chat them up on social media – If you met on LinkedIn or other professional social networks, send them a casual PM about it. Don’t badmouth anybody but just let them know that you’re having trouble making a call.

  • Notify them via email – The same thing can be done with email. One difference though is that you can ask your prospect to tap their new gatekeeper. It certainly makes it easier (and faster) to make the call again.

  • Contact someone else in the organization – Sometimes it can be harder when the phone has been the only guaranteed way to contact your loyal customer. If that be the case, this is where it’s handy to know not just one person in the prospect company. Get in touch with them and see if they can pass on the message.

  • Broadcast the message – When you fail to reach them directly, indirect is your next bet. If you’ve got a blog or a website, chances are your current customers are already subscribed. Send a message announcing your new product. You’ve got no need to worry about new gatekeepers if it’s the prospects making the calls this time.

Again, don’t give into the urge of making a fool out of the new guy (at least openly). They’re just trying to do their job. Take this as an opportunity where you both teach each other how to do better work.

Source: B2C_Business

Lead Generation Tips – Getting Past the New Guy

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