Monday, March 10, 2014

Stripe Updates Checkout for Payments on Your Website, Mobile App

Stripe Payments

Stripe has just introduced an update to its Checkout services. The company says it streamlines accepting credit card payments on your website or mobile app.

Stripe allows credit card payments without storing customer information on your servers. Instead that information is sent directly to Stripe for processing. That processing includes encryption of credit card and other information. The service charges businesses 2.9 percent of a customer’s total plus another 30 cents per transaction.

Stripe updates Checkout to tackle several concerns and cater to consumer trends, writes Michaƫl Villar, a Stripe developer, in a post on the official Stripe Blog.

In one major change, Stripe promises better address support. This includes supporting separate billing and shipping addresses. But the new changes are also designed to make the payment process easier. For example, your customers will only need to enter their street address and zip code at Checkout. The rest — country, city and state — will be filled in automatically by Stripe.

Stripe has also added a “Remember Me” feature that it claims will encourage customers to come back to your store. It allows your customers to store their credit card and shipping information. When a customer returns to your online store, they’ll receive a text message to confirm their credit card information. The same will happen when customers visit other websites or mobile apps accepting Stripe. Villar writes:

“This in turn enables a rapid checkout experience in the future on any site using Checkout. Our hypothesis was that it would increase conversion rates—and we’re delighted that it has been confirmed.”

Stripe says that the changes it has introduced also address the growing use of mobile devices. The explosion in the popularity of mobile payments makes this a very important enhancement for small businesses, too. Villar says that Stripe redesigned Checkout for all devices: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows, tablet, desktop and mobile.

Stripe says the new Checkout process has already been tested on thousands of sites and through millions of transactions already. If your business is already using Stripe for a checkout system, the new interface will update on its own. If you want to add some of the new features introduced with the update, the Documentation page on Stripe’s site has instructions.

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Stripe Updates Checkout for Payments on Your Website, Mobile App

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