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Writer Perspectives on The State of Freelance Writing [White Paper]

Current State of Freelance Writing

Chances are, if you are a blogger, you have at some point dipped your foot into the waters of freelance writing.

It only makes sense that bloggers also act as freelancers writers. They are writers. They are often authorities in a specific niche market. And they are always looking for ways to generate extra income.

But while blogging and freelancing writing are in a relationship, it’s complicated.

Blogging and other forms of online writing have substantially shifted the world of freelance writing. In some ways, the shift has been a blessing. Bloggers are able to funnel in additional revenue streams as they create content for other publications. Publishers, no longer limited to a small pool of writers, now have access to a giant and growing market of bloggers and content creators.

But in other ways, the shift has been a curse. Many bloggers and online writers jumped into the foreign world of freelancing before they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. They started freelance writing before they knew what to charge, where to work, and how to market themselves.

This created a confusing, complicated landscape where quality, costs, and quantity all become hard to agree on.

At CopyPress Community, we saw that there were strong opinions on both sides of the market and we wanted to get to the bottom of it. So we put together a survey of questions regarding writer pay rates, workload, and habits to find out what it is really like to be an online freelance writer.

Two hundred and forty-seven people, who identified themselves as writers, bloggers, SEOs, copy writers, and editors, participated in our survey. And what they told us was pretty surprising. (So surprising that one freelance writer told us that the data couldn’t be correct.)

But, the data doesn’t lie. Our survey found many freelance writers — mostly online freelance writers (only 26% of the surveyed were working in print) — working in a frustrating state of freelance writing.

The infographic below highlights a few of the unsettling points uncovered in our data, but the full story is told in our free white paper The Current State of Freelance Writing 2014. The white paper, in addition to sharing data from our survey, takes an in-depth look at:

  • The Past World of Freelance Writing – where we came from and the glory days of print

  • The Present World of Freelance Writing – where we are now and the complicated problems that exist for both writers and publishers

  • The Future World of Freelance Writing – where we need to go in order to create a better place for writers and publishers

Blogging and freelance writing go hand in hand, but it’s not yet a perfect fit. This white paper aims to help shift perspectives so that writers, bloggers, publishers, and marketers all can achieve a higher level of success in the business of freelance writing. Download your copy and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: CopyPress Community

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Writer Perspectives on The State of Freelance Writing [White Paper]

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