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3 Defining Habits of Effective Salespeople

3 Defining Habits of Effective Salespeople image Good Sales Reps

We all know that people do business with people, not with businesses. And that is why it is so important for companies to place an importance on vetting their sales representatives before you hire them. Your sales team is only as good as how they are able to adapt and resonate with a customer. While you might have a need to make more sales now, waiting to find the right representatives can pay off a lot more later.

Here are the 3 defining attributes a good sales representative (and things to look for when hiring them):

1. A thorough understanding of your product and service offering.

Sales representatives are trying to sell your product or service offering every single day. However, they learn about the product from internal training and from an internal perspective. This is helpful, but, sometimes, the sales rep needs to take a step back and look at the offering from a prospect’s or client’s perspective to get the full picture. How are they seeing the product compared to what your sales reps are telling them?

2. The art of selling the “pain reliever” and not just selling the “relieving of a symptom.”

A common tactic for sales representatives is to instantly jump when they hear the prospect tell them they have a pain in a specific area. This might work for getting the sales, but before they instantly jump on that, it’s important that the salesperson gets the full picture of what the prospect’s pains are so that they can effectively sell the complete package. Plus, if you can address more than one pain, this could be an upsell opportunity.

3. Knowing how to use technology to enhance their sales process and not do it for them.

There are a ton of tools out there that can help sales representatives do their jobs better. But, sometimes, they fall into the trap of relying on those tools to do the brunt of the work instead of using them to enhance their sales process. For example, sales proposal automation tools are great for creating proposals, providing tracking data, and creating an environment for redlining and updating contracts effectively. But all sales proposals can’t be duplicated, then replacing the company name with the current prospect. Effective salespeople will use these tools to streamline their sales proposal process, but they will take the time to edit and modify the proposals to appeal to specific clients.

So, before your next sales hire, look for these characteristics and emphasize the importance of these traits within your sales organization.

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3 Defining Habits of Effective Salespeople

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