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3 Reasons Why Business Owners STILL Don’t Have a Voice of the Customer Program

3 Reasons Why Business Owners STILL Don't Have a Voice of the Customer Program image

As a Customer Experience consultant, I still have to convince clients that they should be listening to customers. During our initial meeting – the Needs Assessment – I hear one of the following reasons why a business is not listening to their customers.

1. I don’t have time for it

Aka – I am anticipating bad feedback that I will have to spend time fixing. More often than not business owners are spending the majority of time doing busy work – things that are not bringing in new business or sustaining your current business. This is because they haven’t asked customers what they want, and therefore have not developed best practices.

Remember the saying Work Smarter, Not Harder? Work smarter by focusing on the targeted feedback provided by your customers.

2. It is too expensive

What is expensive to a small business is hiring a full time marketing or analytical employee for this type of work. Instead, hire an expert to determine the most cost effective way for you to tap into what your customers are saying. It’s a fact that it costs more money to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Reallocate those funds to invest in learning what your current customers want.

3. I didn’t realize I should be listing to my customers

Of course you should be listening to your customers, because their friends are listening to them, and then determining if they want to do business with you! Positive word of mouth referrals are the best marketing tool you have. Loyal customers are worth 10X their first purchase; because they are easier to up sell additional products to, making them very valuable to your business.

Getting started is easy; determine what you want to find out, what areas of the business you can influence, and who you want to get feedback from.

No more excuses – listen, learn and live starting today!

Source: B2C_Business

3 Reasons Why Business Owners STILL Don’t Have a Voice of the Customer Program

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