Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Sure Fire Ways to Get Bloggers to Ignore Your Emails

Are you a blogger and gave gotten a random request from someone you don’t know asking you to link to their site?

Or better yet, asking if they can guest post?

Yet… when you read the post, it looks like it’s been written by a junior high school drop out in some 3rd world country?

Yeah, I get shit tons of that.

Shady affiliate networks, advertising platforms, finance products, insurance, viagra, dating site.. Ugh…

They rarely contribute any good articles.

And even if they DO write good stuff, they want a back link to some really shady looking site that I would never link to even if I get paid to do it.

Please, where on earth do these people learn their manners from?

Here’s the thing.

Most of you already know how this works… yet most of you choose to ignore the rules.

So, you still wanna get ignored?

No problem. Here’s how.

1) “Give Me, Give Me”

For example, do you go on a first date with a girl and ask her to come home with you THAT night?

There’s 99% chances that you won’t. On top of that, she’ll probabaly never call you again.

But even if you do succeed, do you really want to have a long term relationship with her? What makes you think you’re the 1st one she’s done this with? Yeah, probably not.

So either way, you really CAN’T win by asking for the close first. You have to give first. Get to know her.. build rapport, and heaven forbid, even give her something.

If you’re reaching out to a media person (journalist, blogger, youtuber, or some other social media maven) and you ask for something, you’re asking him/her to risk the very reputation he/she has built up to showcase you.

Stop talking “me me me”.


Give me something first. Get my trust. Shit, write me a well thought article.

Have you noticed I blog on ShoeMoney a lot?

It’s because Jeremy trusts me because I’ve been writing for his blog for MONTHS.

2) Copy/Paste Job


I am really satisfied with your blog content, your posts are really good and you are keeping it well. I would like to publish my post on your blog (as guest post) with my website link. Mostly I create about educational and student related subjects. Please let me know if you are recognizing guest posts and I’m ready to discuss my content, I guarantee it with unique and quality content.

Looking forward to get your reply.

Thank You

Yeah, if you’re a girl doing online dating, I’m sure you know Mr.Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V.

Shotgun approach, saying the same ol’ stuff to everyone in the neighborhood.

Seriously, if you go to networking events, do you say the SAME thing to everyone?

Remember telemarkters? They were NOTORIOUS for that.

Notice how I write?

This is how I talk.

And that’s why people read what I write.

If you’re gonna ask for someone to do a favor for you, be normal and talk normal.

3) Do You Even Know Who I Am?

Good morning FSC?

I wanted to commend you guys on the great piece about the 3 most overlooked A/B tests. I found it really interesting and insightful, then sent it on over to the marketing team I liked it so much, so thanks for the great read!

Anyway, I wanted to get in touch with you in order to pitch an article I’d like to write for Fresh Super Cool. I was thinking something in regards to how a business can improve its business’s online reputation through Instagram, because I think it hasn’t been touched on a ton yet.

Let me know what you think, I’d love to discuss the idea more and some of the specifics. Thanks for the time!

All the best

I have a freakin’ name.

If you go to my awesome marketing blog, I have my face plastered ALL over it.

Would a girl go home with you even if you don’t even know who she is?

Yeah, those are called prostitutes.

She’ll take your money and give you a nice fat genital herpes that make you pee fire every morning.

Do you want that? Me neither.

Looking for an SEO service that won’t get you banned?

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3 Sure Fire Ways to Get Bloggers to Ignore Your Emails

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