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7 Essential Facebook Business Apps for eCommerce Websites

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If you are into online business then you are sure to use social media to promote your business. And for that, Facebook is no doubt a popular choice.

If you own an online e-commerce site, then you will be certainly looking for new ways to market it.

To start with, you need to set your Facebook business page and customize applications to boost the sales of your online business.

However, do not think that as soon as you organize your Facebook business page, you will be driving high sales. It will take its time, but it’s sure to bring promising results.

Creating a Facebook Business Page is different from setting a personal page, and to get started you need to learn some quick tips. And as soon as the page gets ready, you can use it for interactive business sessions.

7 Essential Facebook Business Apps

Turn yourself into a prosperous online business owner with these apt Facebook applications that should be a part of your Facebook Page.

1. Networked Blogs –

A useful Facebook app used to support any online business website maintaining their own blogs.

With this app, you will be able to promote your blog on Facebook, and can post the blog feed to the Wall and Page simultaneously.

2. Payvment –

A perfect e-commerce solution for online business owners helps to add a storefront to the Facebook Business page.

This has dashboard built directly into Facebook to manage the store, products and as well as online sales. Currently 328,000+ users are using this app.

3. Facebook Notes –

A widely used application that helps you to tag others in your notes so that the viewers can leave their individual comments.

This is a good platform to send information to your Facebook fans about product launch, tips, guidance, and the areas of your expertise.

Facebook Notes provides you with RSS Feed, so that the Notes appear on your blog or other social networking platforms.

4. Assistly –

It allows you to control and monitor customer conversations on your Facebook business page. It is able to pull all the customer service conversations through email, phone, Twitter all just dragged into one place.

5. UserEcho –

This is a feedback widget for both Facebook and Twitter that will help you to gather customer responses and in return reply or at times get engaged in some conversation or allows you to organize a conversation.

6. Integration with Twitter –

With this app you are able to link Facebook and Twitter. If a third-party Twitter application is used, it will let you connect your Twitter account to the business page directly.

If you use this app, it will facilitate publishing of updates from Facebook pages to twitter accounts. You also have options to share updates with Twitter followers and control the type of update that you like to appear on your Facebook page.

7. MailChimp –

If you want to market products to your customers then this app will let you create a mailing list and sign-up form, and lets you add that tab on your business page.

You, being the admin, can automatically post campaigns to the Facebook Wall, and sent it to the customers who are subscribed on your email service.


This are the most used and widely popular apps that owners of online business websites like to have on their business page.

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7 Essential Facebook Business Apps for eCommerce Websites

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