Tuesday, April 15, 2014

$85,987.37 – My Updated MTTB Income for March 2014


You may recalled that I posted my March income from MTTB (My Top Tier Business) at the start of this month. To recap, I stated that I made $76,400.41 from MTTB for March 2014.

That’s a nice amount of money for sure. However, it really doesn’t mean much until I see it in my bank, PayPal, or eWallet account. The earnings also goes through an audit so the final number could be higher or lower.

Get Paid Every Two Weeks

MTTB does 15 day payouts. This is very important because most ad networks and affiliate networks use a 45 to 60 day payout. This mean that money earned in January won’t be paid out until March 15 or April 1. This is a long time to wait if you’re spending money on traffic. Most of the time the visa bill will be due before you get paid from the network.

The reason for the long payout is to account for refunds. Most Internet products have a 30 day money back guarantee. If the networks were to pay out the commission before 30 days, they run the risk of paying a commission on a refunded product. However, the refund rate for MTTB is among the lowest in the industry. As a result, they’re able to pay their affiliate within 15 days. This gets the money into your bank account a lot faster. It also allows me to update my January results with what I actually got PAID.

$85,987.37 – My Updated MTTB Income for March 2014

As you can see, I was paid $25,609.20 on April 1 for MTTB commissions made from March 1 – 14. Then today, I was paid another $52,378.17 for commissions made from March 15 – 31. I was also paid $8,000 for winning an affiliate contest.

Adding it up, my updated MTTB income for January 2014 came to $85,987.37. That’s over $9K above the reported amount from the April 2 blog post.

Don’t forget this is income from MTTB only. This does not include income from my blog, Clickbank products, continuities, or any other online income sources. I’ll leave it up to you to guess what my total Internet income is. :P

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$85,987.37 – My Updated MTTB Income for March 2014

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