Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Digital Marketing – What Not To Do!


It would be foolish of any business, existing or new, to think that they should completely avoid any form of online or digital marketing. It should be a part of any brand’s ongoing marketing strategy and attention should be paid to how well it is done. Done badly it can harm your reputation and drive traffic and customers away. Here are some things to avoid.

Badly Designed Websites:

We all know our response when we click on a page and it is full of unsolicited adverts, spam and pop-ups. For a start, the trustworthiness of the site goes instantaneously down in our minds. Avoid creating a website that will put consumers off you. It is quite often either the first or only experience that person will have of your company so if you get it wrong then your business will suffer. Particularly bad sites can even lead to bad reputations and Google lowering your rankings accordingly. Instead, make your site informative, easy to use and memorable as this way people are more likely to share it with others and make return visits. Make sure that you have an experience marketing professional or company like Ocere to provide support and advice about marketing trends and needs.

Don’t Avoid Mobile Sites:

As I previously worked as a software and web tester I can confirm that there are still a surprising amount of companies and organisations which do not create a mobile version of their site, and when they do they don’t test it! A large proportion of the population now do a lot of their browsing and shopping on mobile devices. It is an ever growing customer base and not one to be ignored. Ensure that you create a mobile friendly version of your site that will function on as many of the main devices as possible (it is almost impossible to have a site guaranteed to work on all devices). This way you are not limiting your audience.

Ignore Your Customers:

There are businesses out there which make assumptions about consumer needs when deciding their marketing strategies and completely forget to actually ask them! Never underestimate the power of research and understanding your customer. You should be designing your marketing around them and not around what you think they need. Make sure that you get feedback and know what it is that your customers want from you. That way you can give it to them and they will appreciate you.

At the end of the day you need the people out there to support your business. It is therefore a good idea to get them on board with you and take advantage of their insider knowledge. That way you know that you are doing it right.

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Digital Marketing – What Not To Do!

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