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Fan Reach Decreased on Facebook with 55% since August 2013

Facebook Engagement

Recently, Facebook pages have experienced a significant decrease in the number of fans they reach with their messages so if you are a blogger and you are sharing your blog posts on Facebook, you might have noticed this. According to a survey conducted by Komfo among 5349 Facebook pages, by March 2014 the fan penetration has dropped with 55% since August 2013 and the reason for this is the latest change in the algorithms of the social network.

Fan Reach Decreased, but Engagement Increased

The fan reach has decreased from an average of 25,2% in August 2013 to 11,3% by the end of March 2014. Despite those alarming news, it seems that pages‘ messages have become more viral and engaging. The CTR (Click Through Rate) has increased with more than 48% for the same period of time.

Why is Facebook making this change and challenging businesses and bloggers?

The reasons behind Facebook’s change in algorithms are two: on one hand there is no doubt that Facebook is trying to develop their business model and as all social media specialists around the world expected for some time now – the free lunch is over. Now, in order to reach your fans you need to boost your posts with Facebook ads.

On the other hand, the main reason behind this shift is the fact that Facebook is constantly trying to improve the quality of the content for users. After all, this is a social network for people, not for businesses, and our newsfeeds are our personalized media where we want to see relevant news.

On the Facebook for business blog, the social network confirms that the competition for newsfeed impressions has become very fierce, and the amount of content that has been shared has increased dramatically. This forced them to look for a relevant solution and optimize what users see in their newsfeed in the best way.

Challenges of Bloggers

The Good News

In the middle of what seems to be bad news for businesses, the good news is that some pages experience the opposite trend, and their fan penetration results have stayed unchanged or improved from August 2013 to March 2014. A closer look reveals that those brands stood out with engaging and relevant content, which had enabled Facebook’s algorithms to keep them in the fans’ newsfeeds. Similar to the changes in the Google search algorithms, which we have experienced with our blogs and websites – when there is a change, some sites drop in results, but others take their places in the search.

Content is the king, but Facebook advertising is the queen!

Businesses and bloggers should not feel threatened by the recent changes on Facebook, but look closely into their performance on the social network. Are you engaging your audience? The key to success on Facebook hasn’t changed much and it still lays in the good content! What is different now is that you have to boost your content with advertising in order to win in the fierce battle for the newsfeed against the increasing competition. So be creative, monitor your audience’ behavior and interest closely and amplify on it with the highly-targeted advertising, which Facebook offers you. But remember that content does not get relevant by sponsoring it.

What is your experience after the recent change in the Facebook algorithms?

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Fan Reach Decreased on Facebook with 55% since August 2013

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