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From “Support” to “Success,” Why We’re Going All-in on Customer Success

From “Support” to “Success,” Why We're Going All in on Customer Success image success be your noise

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When we see things that can be improved here at Piqora we take swift action to improve it. The brands we serve and the social networks we support move fast, so we do too.

One of the most obvious and impactful recent changes is increasing our Customer Success team by 500% over the last three months. As a result, we’re fundamentally changing the way we work with brands and agencies that are Piqora customers.

What This Means for Piqora Customers

Our CEO, Sharad Verma, said recently that, “The Customer Success team’s mission is to obsess about overall customer success, help customers along their journey, and ensure that our customers are get real value from our solution.”

Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) were chosen with a great deal of scrutiny with the clear goal in mind to create the best Customer Success team in the space. Anything less wouldn’t be acceptable. That’s why we hired folks from top technology companies like Google and leading agencies like Wieden+Kennedy. Being the best includes (but isn’t limited to) obsessive attention to detail, proactive and meaningful outreach and keeping customers up to speed on best practices throughout the visual web as it evolves. It also varies from brand to brand, and it’s our goal to make the brand:CSM relationship as individualized as possible.

Speaking tangibly, this shift will enable us to act as extensions of your brand’s marketing team. It will include a robust onboarding process, custom launch plans that are built with your specific goals in mind and quarterly/mid-year reviews that are designed to show VPs and CMOs the goals that have been achieved. We’re going all-in on customer success with the goal of ensuring that your brand sees great value from our partnership.
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We’re incredibly excited about this change, and we want you to share that excitement by viewing your Customer Success Manager as an extensions of your marketing team. To achieve that CSMs will now be actively involved in helping you with:

  • Marketing Strategy for The Visual Web

  • Data Analysis and Insight

  • Subject Matter Expertise for Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr

We’ll still be here for any technical or support questions that you might have, but the focus is now significantly larger than that.
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Why was this Decision Made?

The visual web as a whole is a complicated, often daunting landscape. Brands understand the massive potential in these channels, but face challenges in developing coherent strategies for them (in these still early days). As a result, sometimes brands can feel more frustrated in the space than they do optimistic. Piqora’s Customer Success Managers are here to alleviate that problem. Along with our industry-leading marketing suite for the visual web, your CSM is now in a position to design and execute fully-thought-through strategies, help set clear KPIs, and guide you on a journey to overwhelming success.

We’ve made the shift from simply supporting you, to supporting your success.

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From “Support” to “Success,” Why We’re Going All-in on Customer Success

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