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Google Analytics Smart Lists Feature Improves Remarketing Campaigns

analytics smart lists

Google Analytics has done it again, this time with their new featured centering around remarketing. The new feature is called “Smart Lists” and it was created to help the remarketing section of Google Analytics become a little bit more manageable and less overwhelming.

Consumers often find remarketing incredibly annoying, so you have to make sure you have a solid strategy in place so that you don’t fall into that category. Remarketing can work well for all parties involved just as long as you, the company owner, are handling it correctly. Google Analytics Smart Lists will help you do just that.

How Google Analytics Smart Lists Work

Google Analytics Smart Lists is a new option you will have when you are creating a new remarketing list. This option lets Google Analytics know that you want them, Google Analytics, to manage your list for you. Below is a screenshot from the official announcement:

analytics smart lists

Millions of websites have opted in to share anonymized conversion data with Google Analytics, so Google Analytics decided to take this data and use it to power the new Smart Lists. They use signals such as visit duration, page depth, location, device, referrer, and browswer in order to predict which users are most likely to convert when they come back to a site.

Using this intelligence, Analytics can then manage your remarketing campaigns in AdWords by focusing on those users that are “high-potential.” This data is updated daily by Analytics and users are therefore added or removed from a Smart List frequently.

For Sites with eCommerce Conversion Tracking in Analytics

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, there is a good chance you already have enough traffic and conversions that you don’t feel like you need to use this data. In general, this goes for eCommerce sites with at least 500 monthly transactions and/or 10,000 daily page views. However, Analytics has thought of this, too.

If this describes your type of business, your Google Analytics Smart Lists will automatically be upgraded. Google explained this in their announcement:

“Your list will be customized based on the unique characteristics that cause your visitors to convert. Only you will have access to this list, and no new data will be shared whether you use this feature or not.”

Whether you’re an eCommerce company or not, Google also mentioned that making sure your Google Analytics goals and transactions are being imported into AdWords.

What the New Smart Lists Means to You

This is an excellent new feature for those who are new to remarketing. As discussed above, remarketing is something that gets mismanaged all the time. As a consumer there is a good chance that you’ve seen a mismanaged campaign a time or two, so it’s important your company doesn’t fall into that category.

Google Analytics Smart Lists will help give you strong results right at the start, at which point you can move on to a bigger variety or more customized list if you choose.

So what if you’re not new to remarketing? Many companies already have a solid list strategy, but Google Analytics Smart Lists is expected to extend this directly for your current lists as an optimized signal used in AdWords bidding.

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Google Analytics Smart Lists Feature Improves Remarketing Campaigns

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