Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Infographic: Q1 performance of search vs. Facebook ads


One of the biggest questions in online advertising is whether search or social advertising is the best route to go.

Kenshoo, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, recently compared how search advertising is performing in Q1, compared to Facebook ads. Though Facebook advertising’s cost-per-click has risen 35 percent year-over-year, it has decreased 26 percent quarter-over-quarter.

Other key findings (YoY):

  • Search ad spend increased 10% and Facebook spend increased 37%

  • Search advertiser revenue increased 12% and Facebook revenue increased 191%

  • Search clicks increased 8% and Facebook clicks increased 1%

  • Search average cost-per-click was $0.59 (up 2%) and Facebook was $0.25 (up 35%)

Learn more about the trends in search vs. Facebook advertising by reading below.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Source: Inside Facebook

Infographic: Q1 performance of search vs. Facebook ads

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