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Adnimation Animated Rich Media Ads Encourage More Clicks


It would hardly be fair to say that advertising on the Internet is dead. If anything else, advertising is more alive than ever, but this has created a growing problem for both publishers and advertisers. With so many ads filling so many different websites, it can be difficult to get the attention of site visitors so that they click on the ad and engage with the advertiser.

To help get better results for both advertisers and site owners, Adnimation is coming to the rescue with animated rich media ads that really work. The innovative new way to advertise aims to improve visibility and increase click-thru rates, allowing everyone to benefit.

The Animated Overlay

The fundamental idea behind Adnimation is surprisingly simple in its execution. Advertisers can still use the traditional text or banner ads that they are already designing and implementing, but these get overlaid with their choice of animations from the Adnimation library. The animation doesn’t appear to kick in until the site visitor has scrolled a bit down the page, ensuring that you are getting an engaged user.

Here is a quick video that helps to explain the system from the perspective of a publisher.

You can see the same kinds of benefits that advertisers would be able to enjoy as a result too. With these fun cartoon-style animations on top of the page, visitors are more likely to have their attention drawn toward the ad banner and, thus, they are more likely to click on it. Audience engagement is therefore improved.

Animation in Action

The best way to see how this works is to see an example of a live ad. Adnimation has put together several videos to demonstrate their system. For instance, here you’ll see what an ad for a personal finance site might look like.

Find more animated ad examples on the Adnimation website, as well as through their YouTube channel. The animation always originates from the bottom, but it’s possible that they may consider different possibilities as the network and technology continue to grow and mature.

Inside the Publisher Dashboard

After you sign up for an account with Adnimation, you then gain access to the main dashboard where you can grab your ad code, review your performance reports and so on.


As can be expected, the overall layout will be familiar to anyone who has signed up for similar ad networks on the Internet in the past. The main page has at a glance information about traffic and performance, including impressions, clicks, revenue and average CPC. The payout per click for publishers will vary, just as with other ad networks.


Implementing the ad units on your website only takes a couple of minutes. The ad code is generated from a single page wizard through the dashboard. You choose the language: English, French, German or Spanish. Then, you can choose up to ten verticals (they recommend choosing 3-5, but that’s up to you) that are relevant to the content on your site. These include babies and toddlers, banking, bicycling, Buddhism, card games, cell phones, cruises, football, guitar, Linux, music, and social media, among many others.

The Javascript ad code is automatically generated and can be easily copy and pasted into the code on the webpage of your choosing. That’s it.

A Better Way to Advertise and Monetize?

There are countless options on the Internet for where you may want to advertise your brand, just as there are many options for how you might want to make money from your site. Adnimation takes the more traditional ad formula and adds an extra layer of sizzle that could really help to improve click-thru rates and user engagement. Your success may vary, of course, but it looks like it could be worth a shot.

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Adnimation Animated Rich Media Ads Encourage More Clicks

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