Monday, March 17, 2014

Is Your Content Investment-worthy?

Is Your Content Investment worthy? image Creating Content thats Investment worthyl

I read a wonderful piece of language in a recent blog post by Barbara Lippert. Ms. Lippert was writing about “House of Cards” and described the new phenomenon of “appointment binge watching.” What, on the surface, sounds like an oxymoron is actually a new consumer behavior and reinforced for me the importance of content being investment-worthy.

One might argue that Netflix has disrupted the television landscape with series like “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black.” What’s really interesting to watch, besides TV network execs scrambling, is this binge watching native behavior.

Having watched the entire season of “Homeland” over a two day period this past summer, I get it. I couldn’t get it fast enough. Thinking about my voracious appetite for Saul, Carrie, and Brody, it became crystal clear that this show was truly binge-worthy. I was willing to invest my time and resources for great content.

I spend my days, save for the two this past summer when I was immersed in the CIA and Homeland Security, helping clients optimize their social media ROI. I hear myself telling prospects that it is all about pulling people in with compelling and relevant content.

As I’ve mentioned on these pages ad infinitum, content is king. As you develop and deploy your content strategy, the questions you might want to ask yourself include: Are we creating compelling content? Will it inspire engagement? Does it give my audience a window into my brand? Does my content have an authentic voice? Will people share it? Talk about it? Does my content satisfy both emotional and functional benefits? Are we actively listening and responding?

Equally important, are you constantly monitoring your efforts to ensure your content is top notch? Are you using each platform the way it was designed to function? Are you creating the right type of content to get the most out of each platform? And, are you looking at the entire social ecosystem through the lens of the consumer experience?

Consumers need a reason to come and continue to return to your social assets. They want to hear your stories, they want to participate and contribute to the story. They will be loyal to and advocate for brands with which they share values and affinities. Make it easy for them. Make your content investment-worthy.

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Is Your Content Investment-worthy?

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