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18 Signs You Should Sack Your Marketing Director

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As a business owner, you don’t know as much as you need to in order to market your business successfully, that’s why you hired a Marketing Director. But sadly, even in-house Marketing Directors may not be the best move – some of them are stuck in their ways or not aware of current developments.

So how do you know if your Marketing Director is pulling their weight? New development in data analytics can help you spot the marketing heroes and the marketing villains. Here we give you the top 18 signs that your Marketing Director isn’t helping you achieve your business growth goals, and should therefore, get the shove.

  1. They don’t know your business growth goals

  2. They don’t link marketing activities to revenue targets

  3. They are doing ad-hoc marketing instead of building a plan that outlines your objectives, buyers and tactics

  4. They are doing what YOU ask them to do, not what is right for your target audience

  5. They don’t talk to your customers or know what your customers are troubled about

  6. They choose tactics arbitrarily and don’t know which tactics can generate the best results for your business

  7. They aren’t pushing you calculate marketing ROI in the business

  8. They don’t know the average lifetime value of a customer

  9. The don’t know the average cost of acquisition of a customer

  10. They don’t challenge you or make suggestions for product development

  11. They aren’t best friends with your sales guy: they should be picking the sales guys brains for vital information and providing them with high quality leads

  12. They aren’t able to prove that marketing efforts are contributing to sales

  13. They aren’t obsessed with the numbers

  14. They aren’t concerned with increasing customer retention

  15. Their content is company or product-centric not buyer-centric

  16. Their blog posts that have no defined persona or problem to solve

  17. They aren’t sitting next to you at the board room table

  18. You aren’t terrified of losing them

The role of the marketer has changed. Although a lot of marketers are frustrated because they aren’t valued as much as they should be, there is a point to be made about this being their fault: you earn your place at that boardroom table, and with the right data this is easier than ever before. Click through rates and brand awareness are meaningless to a business owner, and I don’t know a business owner who isn’t enthralled by someone who can genuinely prove they are making their business money.

Now there is a clause here. Let’s give these poor marketers a little break, as this is only possible with the right software. So if your marketers don’t have the software to measure this, you need to fix this first and foremost. Enable them with the right analytics tool and they have no excuses. Of course, this will work only if you already have a skilled Marketing Director who has the right foundations of B2B marketing including the buyer’s journey.

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18 Signs You Should Sack Your Marketing Director

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