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Three Great Ways to Monetize a Fashion Blog

How to Monetize a Fashion Blog

Fashion and personal style blogging has a very unique niche which can often make it a lot harder to make money. You need to keep your readers interested and not stray away from your voice, but at the same time you need to make a living and need to monetize your blog. I have outlined a few ways that you can make money from your fashion blog in a simple way which doesn’t interfere with your content and actually enhances it, making your readers happy.

Affiliate Links

A lot of blogs and websites use affiliate links as a great source of income and fashion bloggers can do the same. When someone clicks something you linked to and purchases an item, you can earn commission and receive a percentage of the sale. To do this, make sure that when you write up your latest outfit post, you include the brand names and styles of the items you are wearing, then link those to the websites where your readers can buy the products. Even if your outfit is older and not available anymore, give them choices of alternatives. More often than not your readers will want to purchase something you are wearing if they like it, so it’s great to give them options. I find including a cheaper version along with a more expensive option works wonders as there’s something for everyone’s price range. One of the best affiliate companies I use for fashion blogging is RewardStyle as you can directly search the items on their system and get your personal links that way. You can even create collages and slides of products too! It’s very fashion orientated as it was designed specifically for fashion bloggers. If you are more pushed for time, I find Skimlinks to be a great option as you install it on your blog and it changes any link that you put on your blog which is on its database into an affiliate link automatically. Saving time for everyone!

Image Ads

Image ads on the sidebar is something that everyone sees on almost every website out there, but the key to having successful image ads is knowing your readers. If you have ads that are tailored specifically to your content then you are more likely to drive sales from them (as long as you have affiliate links included). If you write a lot about shoes and bags, make sure your ads on the side bar are centred around shoes and bags. If your readers like your content then the chances are they will like what you are promoting if it’s similar and will want to purchase something from that website. You can also sell these image ads to fashion companies who are interested and display them for a monthly fee. These wont make money when someone purchases an item from the ad, but you make the money upfront.


One thing that I find works the best for fashion blogging, especially when you have a popular site and a big following, is sponsors. Brands will want to work with you on a personal level where they send you their clothes and you wear them on your blog as promotion. This isn’t exactly money, but often if a brand wants you for their campaign and wants you to be a part of their upcoming ventures, they will pay you. I’ve seen lots of fashion bloggers faces on brands campaign photos on billboards and in magazines or online, also even within their look books and more! This is a great way of making money and not compromising your blog in any way. Sometimes if things go well they will pay you for a public appearance at their store or to host a party! This is great for both of you because the company is getting exposure and you are getting credibility as it looks good to your readers when a brand partners with you this way.

There are 3 great ways you can make money from fashion blogging and I’ve outlined some of the easy and most popular ways, but have included a way you can make money on a bigger scale when your blog is more successful. Always make sure you stay true to your blogs voice though and things will continue to grow!

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Three Great Ways to Monetize a Fashion Blog

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