Monday, April 7, 2014

7 iPhone Apps to Secure Your Business

Best iPhone Apps

Do you use iPhone for business? Yes.

Did you know that you need to keep your iPhone secure from the outside world? No.

Here are 7 iPhone apps for you.

1. Find my iPhone

Cost: Free

If you ever lose the iPhone, you can track it back through “Find my iPhone” app. The lost iPhone can be tracked through another iOS device and map its location. Once located, you can either lock the device or erase all the stored data.

2. Keep Safe

Cost: Free

This is an image protecting app, which stores all the iPhone images in a secure folder and password protects it. This is a really great way to ensure privacy.

3. Dot Lock Protection

Cost: $0.99

This is, again, a highly recommended app. With this app, you can access the iPhone through its standard keypad entry but with a pattern which you will only know.

Further, if anyone tries to access the iPhone and fails, the app will take a photo of the person and file a break-in report. It will also record the phone’s GPS location.

4. Secure Folder PRO

Cost: $1.99

Unlike Keep Safe app used to protect photos only, the Secure Folder PRO is to protect all the stored iPhone information like contacts, videos, images, credit card details, passwords and notes.

There is a secret bookmarking feature and a “decoy” storage area for those who use the iPhone without your permission.

5. 1 Password PRO

Cost: $9.99

The 1 Password PRO is a great iPhone app which ensures that you do not have to remember any more passwords other than the one used to access this app. It will store username and passwords of all web addresses.

You can access them through the 1 Password PRO app and visit the saved websites with just a single tap.

6. Accellion Mobile

Cost: Free

If you are a business person who is always on the move, you need to have the Accellion Mobile app. It is integrated with Microsoft Office, which means you can create, store and share important files and folders with anyone.

Other features include browsing, uploading, editing and viewing protected files and folders.

7. Intego Virus Barrier

Cost: $0.99

The Virus Barrier X6 is an award winning technology that helps to wipe out potential threats even before they can damage your iPhone. The technology will protect the iPhone against worms, malware, viruses and Trojans.

Apart from this, you can use the app to scan email attachments before downloading and viewing them.

All the iPhone apps are highly recommended, try them out. Even the paid ones are available at a throwaway price.

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7 iPhone Apps to Secure Your Business

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