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LinkedIn Gets Rid of Products and Services Tab on Company Pages

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LinkedIn says it is phasing out the Products and Services Tab on Company Pages.

If your business has a Company Page, the tab will be history as of April 14, 2014. For now you can edit your existing tab but can no longer add new products to it.

In a post on its official Company Pages blog the LinkedIn Company Pages team says it frequently evaluates features so the site can focus on the most valuable among them. Apparently, this one didn’t make the cut. The team goes on to say:

“We do this to ensure that we’re creating a platform where companies can deliver timely, engaging content to our members. Sometimes, this means we need to remove a feature to focus on areas of the product that most benefit both companies and our members.”

But if you loved and used the products and services tab for your business, there’s no need to panic. LinkedIn says two alternatives are already popular with users. Those alternatives include your regular LinkedIn updates or another feature made specifically for this purpose: Showcase pages.

Company pages will remain a place to post real-time updates and share content from your business. This includes new images and videos that play right in one of your followers’ news feeds on LinkedIn. When a user interacts with content you’ve posted on your Company page, it gets shared with their contacts and further spreads the word about your business.

LinkedIn Showcase pages were introduced late last year. Showcase pages allow businesses to create a feed specific to a product, service or brand name. Take Hewlett-Packard’s pages centering on the company’s software, financial services or HP Lab, for example. The pages are used to generate a following for a specific part of your business, keeping it separate from other news and updates.

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LinkedIn Gets Rid of Products and Services Tab on Company Pages

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