Monday, April 14, 2014


The Internet is completely changing. There are 250 million domain addresses running on 22 Top Level Domains at the moment (.com is by far the most common and so is .org, .net, .biz.) In the next five years there will be over 2000 TLDs including my new favourite – dotCEO.

Many people think .com IS the Internet. This year .com is about to become many dotThings including .ninja, .webcam, .software, .builders, .dating, .actor, .sexy… There will be TLDs to suit a range of personality types and occupations. The opportunities they present for affiliate marketers are pretty obvious. No more scraping the bottom of the barrel for what’s left on .com. No more stupid long domains we’ve all come across before. More choice in TLDs means more descriptive domains that better communicate the products we’re marketing. (.software and .solutions spring to mind)

The exact same thing applies when it comes to marketing ourselves. I made sure I was first to grab JeremySchoemaker.CEO because my name is my reputation. I can’t trademark “Jeremy Schoemaker” the same way I can “Shoemoney”, so I did the next best thing and secured it on dotCEO.

.com doesn’t say much these days other than ‘I got here first’. A .CEO address on the other hand adds value. It communicates power and authority. When I send people an email from my @JeremySchoemaker.CEO people know that it’s coming from ‘the top’. When people visit my .CEO identity page I know they know I’m a professional who takes himself seriously. It’s credible. To my mind no address does a better job at demonstrating thought leadership.

When people search for Schoemaker, I want my dotCEO page to rise straight to the top. It’s where I control the message and image I present to the world. From a personal branding perspective its pretty powerful. Every dotCEO domain comes with a identity page. It’s super simple to create. The page on Schoemaker.CEO took me about a minute to set up. I’m already using it to drive traffic to my blog, youtube channel and website. Go to to find out more.

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