Monday, April 14, 2014

Slideshow: 10 apps growing wildly on the Facebook platform


As Facebook’s F8 conference — a developer’s haven — approaches, the social network recently identified 10 high-performing apps to Inside Facebook that are either seeing stellar return on investment through ads or are growing through Open Graph and Facebook Login.

Some, like and Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager, may not be new to Facebook users, but the Facebook platform has helped emerging apps such as YPlan, Cooliris and Swell Radio, as well.

The F8 conference has been a major boon to apps such as Spotify … could the 10 apps listed below be the next to make it big?

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BlaBlaCar, a Leading European car-sharing company, started with a €50 Facebook ad budget 2 years ago. BlaBlaCar now concentrates 70 percent of its marketing budget on Facebook’s products including mobile app ads.

Available on: Android, Desktop, iOS, Windows


Cooliris, a personal photo app for Android and iOS, has found that Facebook Login users are 50 percent more likely to share their photos and invite 2x more friends to groups.


Facetune, an image-editing services app on iOS, has been using mobile app ads for installs as their only paid marketing channel. Facetune saw installs grow nearly 35 times in the U.S. and reached the #1 spot in the Apple App Store top paid iPhone apps in over 40 markets.

Since integrating Like and Share, has seen a huge spike in the number of hotel bookers arriving directly from Facebook. Referral traffic from Facebook is usually more qualified and converts at a higher rate compared to other types of traffic.


Each Facebook share of a JustGiving (available on desktop, Android and iOS) page generates on average an extra $8 in additional donations. From October 2012 to October 2013, Facebook referrals to JustGiving generated $58 million in donations to good causes.

Swell Radio

Swell Radio, an iOS app that offers personalized news and radio stations, has seen that Facebook Login users listen on average 8 percent longer per session and like and bookmark tracks more frequently.


Threadflip, a women’s fashion commerce desktop app, has seen quite a bit of success with Facebook Login. Threadflip found that Facebook Login users spend twice as much time using the app, have a 30 percent higher average lifetime value, are 38 percent more likely to make a purchase in their first week of using the app and 50 percent more likely to make a repeat purchase in their first month.

Top Eleven – Be A Football Manager

This app — available on Android, Desktop and iOS — saw a 589 percent return on investment from one desktop app engagement campaign that ran ads to drive installs and re-engagement. By using Open Graph and sharing game achievements with friends, existing players helped acquire new players creating 9,000 new installs on mobile, daily.


This London-based event finding app used mobile app engagement ads and saw a 20 percent increase in paid bookings, as well as a 215 percent return on investment for their mobile app ad spend.

Available on: Android, iOS



Source: Inside Facebook

Slideshow: 10 apps growing wildly on the Facebook platform

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