Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lenovo Introduces 8-Inch Windows Tablet, Recalls Faulty Battery Charger


Lenovo has just introduced a new Windows Tablet, the ThinkPad 8. But the company has also been forced to recall a faulty batter charger in recent days.

If you’re in need of a mobile device that runs Windows software to stay compatible with the computer at your office, the ThinkPad 8 is a new option to consider. By today’s standard, the 8.3 inch screen is bucking the tablet trend that believes bigger is better.

The new ThinkPad 8 runs a full version of Windows 8 so there are no worries about limited access to some of the apps you use to run your business.

A Wired review of the device touts its powerful (Intel Atom) processor. Like many tablets today, it features two cameras. There’s a 2 MP front facing camera for video conferencing and an 8 MP rear facing camera with flash and video recording capabilities.

The Verge describes the device as somewhere between a tablet and a PC for functionality. It is priced starting at $399.

Battery Recall

At the same time, Lenovo has been forced to recall battery packs from many of its ThinkPad laptops. The recall was ordered after it was realized the battery packs could overheat and possibly cause a fire, said a notice on the official U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

No one has been hurt by this defect, according to the company. At least two reports were filed before the recall in which overheating caused computer and some property damage.

The recall includes battery packs on the following ThinkPad models: Edge 11, 13 and 14 series laptops and T410, T420, T510, W510, X100e, X120e, X200, X201 and X201s

The laptops were sold between October 2010 and April 2011. Lenovo is offering free replacement battery packs for the potentially defective units. Until it arrives, the ThinkPads can be powered with just the AC power cord.

Image: Thinkpad 8, Lenovo

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Lenovo Introduces 8-Inch Windows Tablet, Recalls Faulty Battery Charger

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