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Ways to Use Pinterest for Blog Branding

Pinterest for Blog Branding

Some time back, I wrote a detailed guide on Pinterest advertising, which is basically on handling paid Pinterest advertising and tips to make the most of business branding. If you’re in an online business, it’s an informative read.

In this article, I will look into some ways to use Pinterest for blog branding. Even though blogging is a business, it’s slightly different. To begin with, a blogger may not have a budget for paid advertising and second, bloggers tend to take blog branding less seriously.

Ways to Use Pinterest for Blog Branding

Let’s see how bloggers can use the image sharing site.

  • Dedicate a Board to the Blog

This should be the first task after setting up the Pinterest account. Set up a ‘Board’ and give it the same name as the blog.

Keep the Board public for anyone to join. The purpose will be to share images from your blog on this Board.

  • Build Followers & Interact

The image sharing site works wonderfully if there are a lot of followers and engagement. Connect other social networking accounts and follow other people. More often than not, they will follow you back.

  • Dedicate a Board to Other Bloggers

This is important.

Use the Board made for the blog to share own posts but don’t forget to share content of other bloggers. Use the second Board for this purpose. When you share posts of other bloggers, they will share yours too and hence, help you to build higher visibility.

  • Use Custom Images for Blog Branding

Don’t use free images on the blog. Hire an image developer and get custom created images. Such images shared on Pinterest get higher response rate than generic images.

  • Add ‘Pin’ Friendly Tools

Blogs built with WordPress have access to many feature-rich plugins that helps to make the site Pinterest-friendly. You can use the plugins to help the reader share your content on their Pinterest accounts.

Pinterest Pin It Button, Pinterest Pinboard Widget and Pinterest for Galleries are some commonly used plugins. Read this list for more.

  • Be an Active ‘Pinner’

Don’t let your account become stagnant. Treat Pinterest as you do other social accounts like Facebook and Twitter to build referral traffic.

Monitor the kind of feedback received for the blog. Are people interacting with the pinned images by way of re-pinning, clicking or commenting? With dedicated time and hard work, it can soon become one of the most important blog referral traffic networks.

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Ways to Use Pinterest for Blog Branding

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