Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Should you Blog on LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

The content marketing bug has caught LinkedIn. Till a couple of weeks back, only a selected list of influencers could write and publish blog content on LinkedIn but now they have opened the doors to the masses.

You can blog on the LinkedIn publishing platform. The feature will roll out slowly but if you want early access, fill out this form. I got approved within 3 days and right now, I am in the process of crafting few blog posts for the LinkedIn audience.

The question stands –

Should you Blog on LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

Using LinkedIn for content development and marketing expansion isn’t suitable for everyone. Let’s see some reasons whether you should blog or shouldn’t blog on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

  • Impact on the LinkedIn Network

Are you active as a LinkedIn member? Do you have a presence on the professional network? I am not saying you should have absolute authority and power but ask yourself – is your target market on LinkedIn? The site works for almost any profession, will it work for you?

Think about it.

  • Reach Expansion

The best thing about the LinkedIn publishing platform is its visibility. Even if a member isn’t connected with you, the member can view the published posts because they are publicly visible.

Moreover, if the published content is really awesome, LinkedIn may even include it in their aggregated news feed, giving you a lot of exposure, followers and contacts. Being visible on the aggregated news feed can make your blog content viral.

Isn’t this really good?

  • Building Brand

The LinkedIn publishing platform is another way to accelerate brand reach. If you’re working with a brand or trying to establishing your own brand, including the LinkedIn publishing platform as part of your content marketing strategy will be really beneficial.

  • You Lose it All

Hosting all that content and the time spent in establishing a presence on LinkedIn can be lost in a jiffy if the social networking site decides to ban you or closes the publishing platform in the future.

Every bit of your effort will go waste.

  • Long-Form or Short-Form Content

Before you start writing on the LinkedIn publishing platform, decide whether the contributions will be long-form or short-form content.

Personally, I feel short-form content is more suitable in the form of news updates, tidbits, tips & tricks and other informational content. While detailed write-ups can go on your own blog, their snippet or an introduction can go on LinkedIn with a link to drive the traffic back to your own blog.

What do you think?

There are pros and cons of using the LinkedIn publishing platform. Will you spend time on it?

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Should you Blog on LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

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